Top Sites for Collecting Shopper Points

Frequent online shoppers look for discounts whenever they can. They look for coupon codes wherever they can, which can take a whole lot of time. Scouring the internet for the lowest prices and coupon codes that actually work can eat up the hours, especially if it’s the holidays or just having to buy something in a pinch.

Therefore, you may want to find websites that compile coupon codes and let you earn shopper points to get more out of your online shopping. While some people may find it pointless to spend so much time looking for these coupon codes and shopper points, it does indeed add up over time, letting you shop even more in the long run.

With more and more people relying on ecommerce for their daily needs, learning how to better leverage online shopping to one’s advantage is becoming crucial for everyone in this day and age. Here are websites for collecting shoppers optimum points from your online purchases.

How to Redeem Shopper Points in 2021

You can earn optimum points with these websites, letting you make the most of your online shopping experience. These are websites you will want to bookmark so that you can go to them the next time you do some online shopping, especially during big sales. They have their differences, including how they’re used to redeem shopper points, so you’ll have to do some exploring and finangling in order to understand how to use them for your shopping.


With MyPoints, you can get 15 points for every dollar spent on Amazon and you can get cashback from up to 1,900+ stores. You can get a $10 free Amazon card with your first purchase, so you want to make sure to get that. 

You’re given various ways to earn your shopper points, whether it’s through completing surveys, watching videos, and so on. They’ve paid up to $236 million in gift cards and & PayPal cash so far, and it doesn’t look like they’re slowing down just yet.

You can redeem points for cash to your PayPal or Visa prepaid account, then to your own bank account. You can also convert those points into airline miles with United MileagePlus accounts. Participating stores include big names like Walmart, Target, Kohl’s, Old Navy,  and more.

MyPoints is one of the better rewards programs you’ll encounter online. It has a great mobile app that’s very easy to use and can make it really easy to redeem points. You can start redeem rewards once you reach at least 700 points, which makes it equivalent to a $5 gift card.

It does have some issues regarding account registration, as well as some eligibility issues with the surveys and caps on the amount of points that can be earned each day in some categories. Despite that, MyPoints still does so many things right, enough to put it on top of the list.

MyPoints scores high ratings in many places, including a 4.4 trust score on Trustpilot. The app has a 4.3 in Google Play and a 4.3 in the Apple Store as well. That goes to show that users are quite happy with MyPoints. As long as you’re a resident in the US or Canada and are over the age of 13, you can make use of MyPoints to save money and get shopper points.

Shopper’s Voice

This site has been around for decades now. The business behind Shopper’s Voice also operates the Consumer Research Center and ICOM. While the Better Business Bureau doesn’t directly accredit this business, Shopper’s Voice itself does hold an A+ rating.

Shopper’s Voice is different from most other sites that offer the same things like redeeming points and various ways to earn money like surveys. For instance, Shopper’s Voice only requires you to complete one annual survey, so it’s quite easy. Mind you, that survey is quite long and comprehensive, but at least you only have to do it once.

According to your responses, you are then given samples, coupons, and other freebies. It also has two sweepstake draws, in which you can get an automatic invite for after filling in the annual survey. That’s another thing that makes Shopper’s Voice an attractive website to join. You can get a whole lot more out of your online shopping experience through it.

Open to US and Canada residents at age 18 and over, Shopper’s Voice is open to only one person per household. This is because Shopper’s Voice is primarily used as a consumer research tool for gathering information. All its other features, such as letting you redeem points, are there to entice users to complete their surveys in the first place.

This website has an impressive selection of coupons, not just for online shopping, but also for major brick-and-mortar franchises like Walmart, Target, and so on. Shopper’s Voice is simple, saves you money, and gives you a chance to win in a sweepstake draw.

However, it doesn’t have as many cash rewards as MyPoints, only gives coupons, and can get pretty spammy. Also, since it’s used for consumer research, there are issues regarding privacy due to how your personal information is being collected for market research purposes.


These two sites are known to be the best for this very purpose, and you should be satisfied with them for the most part. The problem with similar websites is the dubiousness of who runs them and how they’re kept up. Since these sites do require account registration, they do take some of your personal information, including banking information to let you redeem points for cash, so you wouldn’t want to just give that information to unsafe websites.

MyPoints and Shopper’s Voice are some of the more trustworthy websites due to having high trust scores and being run by organizations that are verified to be of good public reputation. Therefore, if you’re looking for other websites to use for your online shopping, don’t just start using whatever website looks good without the proper research.

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